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GTAbatement Inc. Offers a wide range of practical demolition services. From conventional renovation demos to large scale commercial abatements, GTAbatement Inc. can do it all. 

Disposal Bin Rental

Providing bins is a seamless, quick and efficient process that we offer at GTAbatement Inc. A variety of bin scales are at our disposal for rental, ranging from 20-40 yard bins. Our bins are specialized and vary depending on the scope of work required. For general demolition purposes we can provide open topped bins for easy disposal and quick transport. Hazardous substances, like asbestos, require sealed bins by law. With these contained bins, GTAbatement Inc. adheres to the rules and regulations set out to ensure the proper and safe haulage of hazardous waste materials. 

To find out which bin and size might be right for you, feel free to contact us to discuss the choices with one of our service experts. All other inquiries regarding time, weight price, and type of waste can be explained through communication with our technicians in order to provide you with the perfect bin that's correctly suited for your project. 

Asbestos Abatement

Dealing with the presence of asbestos can seem jarring but our service experts are here to help. We will gladly provide an on-site visitation with no fee to discuss the right course of action for your asbestos related concerns. GTAbatement Inc. can provide sampling services that test for the presence of asbestos within the air or a select material that could potentially be disturbed during a removal process. For contractors, GTAbatement Inc. will provide an all-in-one package of removal, consultation and disposal, fully handling all asbestos related factors on site from start to finish. 

GTAbatement Inc. specializes in the three main categories that the Ministry of Environment lists regarding asbestos removals: 

Type 1 – Asbestos Removal 1-10sq feet 
These small-scale jobs range from the removal of various asbestos containing tiles to the disturbance of any non-friable asbestos materials. 

Type 2 – 10-100sq feet 
One of the most common forms of asbestos removal, in this type larger forms of asbestos containing material that are friable are removed under more stringent operations. Pipe wrapping, plaster and other asbestos containing materials that can easily become airborne are handled under this type of operation. 

Type 3 – More than 100sq feet 
For this form of removal, a large section of a building or workspace with asbestos containing material must be disturbed in some form to warrant this type of abatement. Encapsulation of the majority of the workspace with a variety of chambers for safe clean work must be formulated to adhere to type 3 abatement protocol. This type of abatement is more commonly found in commercial settings or large- scale demolition projects. 


Mold Abatement

When it comes to mold, GTAbatement Inc. recognizes the impact and harm a contamination can have on your home or workplace setting. The remediation of mold requires a thorough inspection of the contaminated area, followed by an encapsulation of the workspace for removal. Containing the mold and removing it, followed by treatment, allows us to ensure that the re-spread of mold throughout the space is negated in its entirety. By ensuring that the workspace is dry post-abatement, further mold growth will be nullified. 

If you notice an overabundance of moisture or an ever-present musty smell within your setting, there is a good chance that lingering mold growth is your problem. Areas where moisture tends to collect, such as under sinks, in bathrooms, or attic crawlspaces are just some common locations where you may find the development of odors and/or visual mold growth. Acting fast and effectively is the key to preventing the further spread of mold. Our technicians can quickly mitigate the recurrence of mold growth better than simple demolition alone due to the products we use and our encapsulation and drying methods. 

GTAbatement Inc. will gladly provide a free on-site visitation to provide suggestions for the right course of action regarding your mold related concerns. We also offer sampling services if you are unsure if an area may contain mold spores within the air or upon surfaces. If you feel as though you may have mold growth within your home, contact the experts at GTAbatement Inc. 

Lead Abatement

The treatment and removal of lead is a streamlined and safe practice that we at GTAbatement Inc. provide utilizing the stringent operations required for the handling of any designated hazardous substance. Lead abatement involves the encapsulation of the workspace to create an environment wherein the substances that are disturbed are contained and pose no risk of contaminating other areas of the workspace. 

After containment is completed the removal process can be broken down to either the demolition of the work surface containing the lead or the removal of just the paint itself if the surface must be maintained. Both services are done under strict containment and encapsulated conditions utilizing HEPA equipped apparatuses to mitigate the spread of harmful lead dust and fibers. 

In the mid-to-late 20th century, lead was a leading agent utilized in paints throughout many homes in Ontario. Unfortunately, when the substance is disturbed through processes such as demolition and sanding to re-paint or general wear and tear, small lead particulate from the removed paint chips can become airborne. If you are unsure about the presence of lead within your home, or have questions regarding paints that may contain lead, feel free to contact one of our service experts. Site consultation and testing can shed light upon your lead concerns. 

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