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Lead Abatement


The treatment and removal of lead is a streamlined and safe practice that we at GT Abatement Inc. provide utilizing the stringent operations required for the handling of any designated hazardous substance.

Lead abatement involves the encapsulation of the workspace to create an environment wherein the substances that are disturbed are contained and pose no risk of contaminating other areas of the workspace. 

After containment is completed the removal process can be broken down to either the demolition of the work surface containing the lead or the removal of just the paint itself if the surface must be maintained. Both services are done under strict containment and encapsulated conditions utilizing HEPA equipped apparatuses to mitigate the spread of harmful lead dust and fibers. 

In the mid-to-late 20th century, lead was a leading agent utilized in paints throughout many homes in Ontario. Unfortunately, when the substance is disturbed through processes such as demolition and sanding to re-paint or general wear and tear, small lead particulate from the removed paint chips can become airborne. If you are unsure about the presence of lead within your home, or have questions regarding paints that may contain lead, feel free to contact one of our service experts. Site consultation and testing can shed light upon your lead concerns. 

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