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Mold Abatement


If you feel as though you may have mold growth within your home, contact the experts at GT Abatement Inc.

When it comes to mold, GT Abatement recognizes the impact and harm a contamination can have on your home or workplace setting. The remediation of mold requires a thorough inspection of the contaminated area, followed by an encapsulation of the workspace for removal. Containing the mold and removing it, followed by treatment, allows us to ensure that the re-spread of mold throughout the space is negated in its entirety. By ensuring that the workspace is dry post-abatement, further mold growth will be nullified. 

If you notice an overabundance of moisture or an ever-present musty smell within your setting, there is a good chance that lingering mold growth is your problem. Areas where moisture tends to collect, such as under sinks, in bathrooms, or attic crawlspaces are just some common locations where you may find the development of odors and/or visual mold growth. Acting fast and effectively is the key to preventing the further spread of mold. Our technicians can quickly mitigate the recurrence of mold growth better than simple demolition alone due to the products we use and our encapsulation and drying methods. 

GT Abatement will gladly provide a free on-site visitation to provide suggestions for the right course of action regarding your mold related concerns. We also offer sampling services if you are unsure if an area may contain mold spores within the air or upon surfaces. 

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