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Asbestos Abatement


Dealing with the presence of asbestos can seem jarring but our service experts are here to help.

We will gladly provide an on-site visitation with no fee to discuss the right course of action for your asbestos related concerns. GT Abatement Inc. can provide sampling services that test for the presence of asbestos within the air or a select material that could potentially be disturbed during a removal process. For contractors, GT Abatement will provide an all-in-one package of removal, consultation and disposal, fully handling all asbestos related factors on site from start to finish. 

GT Abatement specializes in the three main categories that the Ministry of Environment lists regarding asbestos removals: 

Type 1 – Asbestos Removal 1-10sq feet 
These small-scale jobs range from the removal of various asbestos containing tiles to the disturbance of any non-friable asbestos materials. 

Type 2 – 10-100sq feet 
One of the most common forms of asbestos removal, in this type larger forms of asbestos containing material that are friable are removed under more stringent operations. Pipe wrapping, plaster and other asbestos containing materials that can easily become airborne are handled under this type of operation. 

Type 3 – More than 100sq feet 
For this form of removal, a large section of a building or workspace with asbestos containing material must be disturbed in some form to warrant this type of abatement. Encapsulation of the majority of the workspace with a variety of chambers for safe clean work must be formulated to adhere to type 3 abatement protocol. This type of abatement is more commonly found in commercial settings or large- scale demolition projects. 

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